Leader by Mistake
May 24, 2017




Whether you’re an idea machine who thinks of ideas every hour on
the hour or you come up with one solid idea maybe once or twice a
year, in order for those ideas to flourish, you have to start. So, how
do you go from documenting your ideas on just some random post it
notes, in your phone or in a collection of nicely designed journals that
you keep half filling then starting a new one, to actually experiencing
these items being completed?

You have to JUSTSTART!




So, let’s do it! Let’s take your next big thing from idea to action!

Your JUSTSTART Toolkit will help you:
• Track your time
• Identify opportunities to do the things you really want to do
• Set your intentions each week
• Keep you on track
• Provide the motivation you need to thrive
• Create an ecosystem of resource