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Some are born leaders, but let’s be real – most of us are not. Many of us become leaders by first-hand learning what not to do. Leadership in our careers is a product of hard work and dedication, but also bumps, bruises and oh crap moments. Leader by Mistake takes you through an introspective journey of mistakes that could have plagued author Jacqueline M. Baker’s career. Instead they fueled her growth, pushed her thinking, and landed her in leadership roles she never would have dreamed of.

As Leader by Mistake takes you through the impactful journey of the author, it also coaches you to look within and harness the power of your mistakes to develop key leadership skills that are needed to succeed in our increasingly complex and global world. Each chapter takes you through a leadership trait – from accountability and etiquette, to grit and innovation, and wraps up with though-provoking questions for you to consider (and discuss with your network!). We all make mistakes, so resist the urge to sweep them under the rug. Instead, embrace your mistakes and use them to grow into the leader you’ve always admired or aspired to be.

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6 reviews for Leader by Mistake

  1. 5 out of 5

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    Leader by Mistake is exceptional! I plan to share it with my entire team- to build, motivate and inspire. It’s not by mistake you found this book. Whether you are leading a large team or trying to climb the career ladder, this book provides checks and balances that allow you to reflect on your own leadership style or find the leader in you. -Tanish Stiger, The Empowerment Advocacy Group

  2. Great story telling in a down to earth and relatable way for those in any industry . The tools provided in this book are worthy to be used in home and professional life. I appreciate the reminders that it’s okay to make mistakes and that each one only makes you better.

  3. Leader by Mistake is a phenomenal book. I can highly recommend that any future entrepreneurs and young professionals read this how to manual for learning from your mistakes in order to get to the next level in business. I could totally relate to several chapters in the book as an entrepreneur myself including the sections on being accountable, being patient and innovation. It’s for sure an inspiration and I’ve learned a few things that I’ll take on continued journey to entrepreneurial freedom. Excellent job Jacqueline I’ll have to recommend to anyone looking for a leadership guide!

  4. Make no mistake, this is not your average book on leadership. Jacqueline Baker manages to bring attention to common mistakes that every leader will make and also guide readers to solutions with transparency, intellect, reflection and humor. Each chapter is full of real life scenarios that every leader can identity with. I found myself laughing, cheering and co-signing throughout the entire book. This book will challenge you to evaluate your processes, decisions and reactions. I know I will go back to re-read certain chapters and my reflections in time.
    Leader By Mistake is a must read for students, young entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals. I plan to get copies of this book into the hands of each of my mentees because I also believe that everyone can be a leader.

  5. Leader by Mistake provides practical advice for refining yourself as a leader, one mistake at a time. The author shares her authentic experiences with learning critical leadership lessons. Each example takes you back to your own moment when you made a decision that ended up being jam packed with a lesson.

    My favorite chapter is the ode to Grit. The author highlights a moment where she “… quit too soon to see what I could become.” Grit is the fuel that helps us achieve our long term plans.

    This is a great book for entrepreneurs who need a reminder that they are a leader in their own right, new leaders afraid to mistake and any leader needing a space to reflect in their journey.

  6. Love this book!!! it’s not only a good book…if used thoughtfully and properly, it serves to be a great personal workbook by taking the time to answer the questions posed at the end of each chapter. My favorite chapters: Be Brave. Be Accountable. (it’s a personal mantra of mine) it’s such a good gut check! This chapter focuses on “owning your actions” which is critical in being a great leader. The other chapter I loved was Strive for Etiquette, Not Perfection because I learned a few things that I will definitely implement immediately. Whether you are right out of college or have 40 years in the “game” pick up this book, you won’t be sorry.

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